Special Announcement!

This year's event is scheduled to begin on Thursday September 27th and end on Saturday September 29th.

Featured Entertainment

GlasTone at the Court House from noon until start of Parade


The Morganfield Lions Club welcomes back the GlasTone for entertainment at the Court House at noon prior to parade!

GlasTone is a 6 member band based out of Western Kentucky. The group is comprised of 4 main vocalist (all males do background harmonies as well), acoustic guitarist, 2 electric guitarist, keyboard player, bass guitarist, and drummer.

Our song selection is so diverse everyone stays happy and sweaty. Whether you are a fan of classic rock or you like to dance all night long to funk, and country this band has what you need. Songs old and new and everything in between. We are constantly learning new material to stay ahead. GlasTone is the latter, delivering an engaging and memorable event. We deliver an energetic live dance band experience.

GlasTone specializes in serious fun and entertainment for all bar scenes,private parties and corporate functions. With a huge variety of live music available, GlasTone can work with you to create an event that will entertain your guests, get and keep them engaged and dancing, and thanking you for including them in such a great event.

Let GlasTone take your vision to a new level with their energy, talent and impact.

Kentucky Gentlemen 4:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. on Renaissance Stage

The Kentucky Gentlemen

Added new musical event this year. The Kentucky Gentlemen will perform in front of Court House from 4:00 until 6:00 p.m. This event is being provided by the Morganfield Lions Club for early arrivers for Corn Festival Parade. Come early and enjoy the music. Click here to visit their web site. to sample their music before the Corn Festival.

Twin brothers Derek and Brandon Campbell bring the soulful country sound that rise from the hills of their Versailles, KY hometown. "Forcing" friends and family to join them with their living room performances since age 6; at age 19 they packed their saddles and headed south to Nashville, Tennessee. Since then, it's been nothing short of writing with other talented, strong writers, traveling and playing hundreds of shows. The young men have been galloping uphill since 2013 and it looks as if nothing can keep The Kentucky Gentlemen from chasing the sun.

The Springs 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. on Renaissance Stage

The Springs

The Springs Band will be the featured band scheduled to play from 6:00 p.m. until ??

What do you get when you pair Stewart Halcomb and Holly Helms together? Along with tight harmonies, sure-footed songwriting direction, high energy shows, authenticity, and undeniable chemistry, you ultimately get - The Springs. At just 26 and 28, the driven pair is carving out a place of longevity in Music City. Featuring both male and female vocals, The Springs come packed with an always growing fan base. The versatile multi-award winning duo delivers Country, Southern Rock, Pop, and traditional favorites, offering something for the whole family.

Holly made it to the third round of the preliminaries of NBC’s “The Voice, while Stewart brought several impressive awards to the table. The future duo began co-writing, and both approached their music with a “live life to the fullest” outlook. Sparks flew between the two, and it became certain that their chemistry onstage and offstage set them apart in a large pool of aspiring artists. They began working with Rick Barker, who managed Taylor Swift when she got her record deal. Barker witnessed their unwavering work ethic and their obvious connection. Subsequently he encouraged them to work as a team. From taking his advice and following his model, they continue to watch their careers flourish.

Their faith, individuality and unwavering work ethic, positively places them in a league of their own in the midst of an ever competitive industry. They believe in family-friendly shows and their songs reflect those values. The standout duo has tirelessly performed over 500 shows, while personally engaging with their audiences.As their careers continue to rise, they remember where they came from. They’re just doing what they love and loving what they do…..and they’re inviting everyone along for the ride.

Click Here to download their music.

General Festival Information

News Release!
Special Accouncement
Date: January 17, 2018

The Morganfield Lions Club announced today that the 2018 Corn Festival opening date is September 27th and closing date is September 29th of 2018. Because of a conflict with availability of the Carnival Vendor on the third week end, officers of the Morganfield Lions Club agreed to move the festival to the 5th week end and start on September 27th. You may contact any member of the Lions Club if you have any questions about this change.